Corporación Zona Franca Santiago

Services and Infrastructure

Supply and distribution of electricity and potable water

The Corporation is responsible for the management and commercial power management of the Industrial Park Victor Espaillat Mera ( PIVEM ).

This management includes all activities related to energy management of the Park. Among the major activities performed recurrently are the following:

  • Operation of the commercial cycle of the Internal Energy Administration.
  • Administration and management of purchasing power and electricity.
  • Comprehensive support in maintenance, system control and the distribution of electric power.
  • Assessment and management of energy projects.

Efficient lighting and gardens

Our facilities include landscaping and gardens that emphasize the beauty of the PIVEM industrial buildings; additional full lighted streets, service that is provided thanks to our electrical distribution system.

Parking for Industrial Containers

We have two parking spaces for containers with capacity for over 150 containers, one in Stage II and Stage III of this productive community.

24 hour guaranteed security by an electronic internal surveillance system and access control

We have a staff of more than thirty security agents who work to maintain order inside and outside the park.

Plants and systems for the treatment of waste and sewage

The Industrial Park Victor Espaillat Mera (PIVEM) has a treatment plant for wastewater, which offers its services to all industrial companies that would like to benefit from this. This plant began operations in 1998, for all industrial companies located within the park. The companies discharges their waste-water through a special line that leads to the treatment process, which removes contaminants to provide water without risk to our health or the environment.

The treatment plant is the tertiary type with a combined process feature. Its design for a million gallons a day and works with an efficiency of 90%, allowing treated water to be discharged into the mainstream, without any contaminants.

The treatment begins with a biological process, with the assistance of a ventilator to keep oxygen in the water, oxidization of iron, manganese and remove volatile organic compounds. In a second part, we utilize polymer coagulants and flocculants used for accelerated sedimentation of solids. This ends with the application of chlorine to eliminate microbiological contaminants.

The plant has its own laboratory, which monitors water both entrance and exit of the treatment facilities. The Santiago Free Zone Corporation is responsible for the entire process of compliance with existing rules and parameters in the discharge of waste-water, both at national and international standards.

Security Office of the General Director of Customs, specialized in this sector

We have two offices that provide streamline services for all customs inquires and needs.

  • One that is in control of the first, second and fourth stage of PIVEM and the other controls the third stage.

Healthcare Services

We have a large modern Polyclinic, this forms part of the Dominican Social Security Institute (IDSS ) .

Dental Clinic, under the direction of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM ) .

Training Centers

Innovation Center & Professional Development (CAPEX ), was created by the Free Zone Corporation (CZFS) and the Free Zone Association of Santiago (AEZFS), with the purpose of managing and providing targeted and specialized training to employers in the region, PIVEM employees and external entities.

Amongst its facilities CAPEX hosts the Center of Excellence in Information Technology (CETI) with the aim of providing ongoing training and updated professionals in the area. CETI has a highly qualified staff trained in hardware and software areas.

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Fire Station

We have a highly trained staff comprised of 25 members.

  • Two Fire Trucks
  • An Ambulance

Which provides inspection services, drills and free lectures.

Child Care Centers

Three daycare centers that provide the children of our working population the assistance needed to care for their young ones.

Currently available in the areas of:

  • Pekin
  • Camboya
  • Cienfuegos

These centers are managed by the Ladies Committee of the Free Zone Association of Santiago and receive public service support through the IDSS.

Sectoral Business Association

The Free Zone Business Association of Santiago is a nonprofit organization founded in February 1979 with the aim of establishing a policy of action and common opinion of the Free Zone companies of Santiago. It brings together 51 companies engaged primarily in the manufacture of textiles, cigars, shoes, customer service and electronic components.

It is the institutional and common voice of the Free Zone companies in Santiago, which promotes the development of firms in the sector.

It represents its partners in forums and institutions, is the communication link and provides inter-relationships between companies and the various government and private agencies that may affect the operations of our partners.

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