CZFS continues to forge “Pink Awareness” in breast cancer prevention

CZFS continues to forge “Pink Awareness” in breast cancer prevention

A digital system was installed at M膾DICA to carry out preventive studies.

Santiago de los Caballeros. -Thursday, September 21st, 2023 – The ninth version of the “Porque Te Quiero” (PQTQ) (Because I Love You) campaign, developed by the Santiago Free Trade Zone Corporation (CZFS) to prevent this disease, was launched with a seminar entitled MediTalk “Pink Awareness: a different perspective on breast cancer”; an initiative framed under the Health pillar of the institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Joeli Balbuena, Katty S谩nchez and Adderlee Tav谩rez, and 脕ngela Cabreja, specialists in mastology, radiology, psychology and oncology, respectively, took part in the panel focused on health; they provided valuable testimonies and scientific data during the conversation.

Fernando Garc铆a, the Corporation’s Operations Director, highlighted that since 2015, through its PQTQ campaign, they have combined efforts aimed towards prevention; benefiting the Park’s female workers and their families, as well as the ladies residing in the surrounding communities. “For nine years, we have been committed to an initiative that has certainly saved lives,” Garc铆a said.

More than 11,000 mammography and sonomammography studies have been performed to date. ” We have acquired this year an innovative digital mammography equipment: Hologic Selenia, allowing us to provide more accurate and effective care by offering benefits compared to the previous analog mammography system,” Dr. Marcel Morel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of M膾DICA, reported.

This equipment provides higher quality images, detects abnormalities and changes in breast tissue more accurately, leading to earlier detection and thus more effective treatment, Morel said.聽 In addition, this new tool conveys a lower dose of radiation, which minimizes the potential risk associated with this feature.


One theme, one commitment

“Pink Awareness”, in addition to being this year’s theme, is a call to recognize and proactively address, through education and prevention, a disease that does not make any discrimination. This kind of pathology is the second with the highest mortality rate in the world and according to research, 17.5% affects the female population.

“Porque Te Quiero” (Because I Love You), the campaign that paints the entire industrial site pink, starts on October 1 and concludes in the following month of November. The forming of the Big Human Bow PQTQ, already a tradition, will take place on Friday, October 27th.

In its 9th edition, this project is supported by the following companies: AFP Siembra, AFP Crecer, AFP Popular, AFP Reservas, ARS Futuro, ARS Meta Salud, ARS Monumental, ARS Primera and Humano Seguros. Strategic allies: Black Box and AyD Group Services.