Lama appreciates President’s position on migration issue

Lama appreciates President’s position on migration issue

Santiago de los Caballeros. -December 9th, 2022.- During the working sessions of the meeting being held for the first time in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Miguel Lama, considered the values of peace, democracy, development and freedom, which endorse the principles of the Central American Integration System (SICA).

Previously, Lama referred to the migration issue as one of the essential aspects in the list of issues of the “Santiago 2022 SICA Summit”. Therefore, he supported the President’s message to the international community on the obligation to come to Haiti’s aid to help the Haitian people overcome the suffering they are enduring.

He acknowledged the sacrifice of the Dominican Republic in bearing the implications of high migration, “which exceeds our possibilities”.

Recognizing the impact of what he calls “The Santiago 2022 Summit” and the importance of the resolutions that will be adopted today, the businessman supports President Abinader’s proposal to strengthen international and, in this case, regional mechanisms to promote greater integration, development and peace.

Furthermore, Lama considers that the cooperation amongst nations is timely to face the challenges that do not abide by political borders. The businessman defined President Luis Abinader’s decision to move the venue of the summit to the Cibao and Northern region as innovative, sending a strong message of decentralization as a foundation for the necessary participation of all the regions of the country.

Miguel Lama acknowledged the effort and willingness of President Luis Abinader in prioritizing these fundamental issues in his administration’s agenda and the important strategy to promote the Dominican Republic’s international leadership. He also wished all the best for the heads of government in their visit to Santiago.