Miguel Lama launches the 50th anniversary activities calendar of the Free Trade Zone Corporation

Miguel Lama launches the 50th anniversary activities calendar of the Free Trade Zone Corporation

Santiago plans to become the most responsible and sustainable city in Latin America.

Santiago de los Caballeros. – Thursday, January 25th, 2024 – With the invitation to strengthen the business culture that makes Santiago a referent city in sustainability and reliable for investments, Miguel Lama, President of the Board of Directors of the Santiago Free Trade Zone Corporation (CZFS), launched the 50th anniversary activities of the institution.

According to the executive, since its inception in 1974 in a deprived area of the city, the Corporation, manager of the Victor Espaillat Mera Industrial Park (PIVEM), has been the main promoter of the socioeconomic development of the city by fostering an unprecedented logistical and productive movement from the free trade zone system.

“The Corporation has served as an inspirational and sustaining force for high-profile projects in Santiago, the northern region, and the country. It has been a fundamental pillar of the Dominican economy, standing out for its capacity to generate employment, attract investment, and contribute to the social and economic growth of the nation,” Lama said.

Focusing on future decades, the business leader stressed that the Corporation and its partners aspire to transform the industrial park and the institutional ecosystem -established in its first 50 years- into the first sustainable, business-friendly, reliable, attractive and benchmark city for investments; internationally valued for the entrepreneurial thinking and culture of its residents as an important tool for the generation of wealth, improving life quality and fostering responsible and sustainable economic and social development.

“Grateful for half a century of history, innovation, and leadership, the Corporation looks forward to designing the coming decades with the same passion and dedication that distinguish them. We will explore new areas of investment and continue to promote projects that will continue to add to sustainable development,” Lama assured.

“With Santiago’s well-known strengths and people, the Corporation will continue to promote national and international awareness of the city, as well as reaffirming our mission to contribute to building a prosperous future for the Dominican Republic,” he noted.